Frequently asked questions
What is Ent-Decke?
Ent-Decke is an internet portal into the world of extraordinary owner-run SMEs.
The Ent-Decke philosophy lies in presenting the product or service together with the entrepreneur behind it.
Why is Ent-Decke important?
Ent-Decke is important because our economy is dominated by corporations, banks and politicians who all want to earn
more and more money, regardless of the consequences endless economic growth can have.

But if all products and services were produced in such a way that they are good for people, good for the environment
and good for nature, the economy would serve the people rather than people serving capital.

So if we are looking for genuine ideas and alternatives and for productive and aware people, Ent-Decke and Ent-Decke Radio
offer an alternative marketplace for tomorrow’s world.

I present these entrepreneurs on Ent-Decke with the goal of informing users not just about how their companies work
and what their motivation is, but also in order to explain why buying from these firms is a good idea.
What’s the benefit for Ent-Decke visitors and the companies featured?
Many customers simply don’t have the time to search for good companies and end up going back to the ones they know
from radio, television and print media because it’s easier. My goal is for Ent-Decke to change that.

The question most often asked by companies who have heard about Ent-Decke is:
“Why should I participate?”

- Because big communities of like-minded people are important in order to change something.
- Because this community of real-life entrepreneurs shows what’s possible and inspires others.
- Because Ent-Decke entrepreneurs research, develop, never stop asking questions and pass their knowledge on.
  And they do all this independently, often for a lifetime.
- Because Ent-Decke uses technology to create genuine personal contacts.
- Because Ent-Decke is independent and presents all companies the same way, regardless of size.
- Because Ent-Decke has a clear vision and a clear structure.
What does Ent-Decke consist of?
- The company profiles. The latest 5 companies to join are featured on the landing page.
- A random selection of 5 companies on the landing page.
- News and Let’s Go sections where my customers publish updates on what they’re up to and forthcoming events.
- My Ent-Decke Travel Blog (travel reports)
- Ent-Decke Radio
How do people find out about Ent-Decke?
- Through the radio interviews I conduct with lots of interesting people, which are published on Quer-Denken TV.
- Through my close collaboration with Wissenschafftplus magazine, which has already published two of my articles
  about corporations and the monetary system.
- Through Facebook postings about new Ent-Decke companies, news and events.
- The Ent-Decke network is growing, as is the number of links to Ent-Decke content.
- Travel fans enjoy my Ent-Decke Travel Blog. I get around a lot because I visit my Ent-Decke entrepreneurs in person.
   If I find a nice campsite, a good hotel or a pleasant restaurant, I write about it, as well as about any interesting sights nearby.
- Ent-Decke had more than 11,000 clicks in February 2017.
What’s next for Ent-Decke?
- Ent-Decke is developing and evolving all the time.
  The focus is on presenting all the information in a clearly structured format and displaying it on maps.
- New partnerships and collaborations are in the pipeline.