Why Ent-Decke
Association of Extraordinary People & Companies
When we see the entrepreneur and his product as a single entity, the quality of demand changes. Ent-Decke provides valuable, in-depth insights into the world of owner-run companies.

All the firms we present here have been personally researched and selected. Because when we turn to a company for certain products and services, it’s a great feeling to know the owner, be confident we’re going to get good quality and deal with a named contact. When we also know what moves and motivates the entrepreneurs, what’s important to them, what the production process is like and what is manufactured where, the result is a totally different way of looking at things and cooperation in the truest sense of the word: acting together for mutual benefit.

Just being interested in these companies gives us an advantage. Besides getting first-hand information that helps us appreciate their contribution to the economy, we also learn to accept the unfamiliar and become more open-minded towards innovations, new concepts and technologies. That introduces us to a host of new possibilities and triggers the desire to find out more.

Many companies are founded by people who want to change an existing situation for the better or have a vision of a product that is not available on the market. Some of them are also motivated by a desire to engage in meaningful cooperation or develop on the basis of cooperative principles aimed at the common good. For them, it’s not about endless economic expansion. Instead, it’s about conserving natural resources, the people who work for them, the environment, good quality and long-term business relationships – and about striving for social and economic improvements.

And that is precisely the kind of company Ent-Decke is all about – with an additional emphasis on owner-run small and medium-sized enterprises that operate their businesses on their own behalf. As a result, Ent-Decke’s focus is not just on the benefit provided by the specific product but on the entire philosophy of the company that supplies it.

Why not check out your own local area, look for companies and pay them a visit? Many companies hold open days, organize events or give lectures – perfect opportunities to meet not just the entrepreneurs but other like-minded people as well. This kind of experience will tell you much more than any “hallmark of quality” – especially as the certification circus plays a secondary role at regional level anyway.

The companies presented by Ent-Decke inspire, motivate and create new, out-of-the-ordinary products. Perhaps we can even commit to a common cause, try something out, enjoy the benefits of personal business relationships, learn to trust our entrepreneurs and see them from a totally different perspective. Perhaps all this will make us think about our own vocation and encourage us to start our own business too.

Our interest, our attention, our wants and our conscious decisions change the nature of demand. Which brings us to another, absolutely crucial aspect that leads not just to greater diversity but to social and ecological change as well:  

Things will only be produced if there is a demand for them.